17-18 September 2024

RDS Dublin


Wednesday 12 October

11:00 - 11:30   |   Women in STEM Theatre

Differentiators in the competition to attract and retain the best female talent

Join me in a fireside chat with Anna Brailsford, CEO, CodeFirstGirls as we discuss how businesses today face a unique challenge of needing to target ALL types of backgrounds in order to close the divide between men and women in the technology industry and fill in the diversity gaps that prevent us all from being as innovative as possible. Great female talent is everywhere! So why is it so hard to come by? I’m keen to explore this more and discuss things that have worked and things that haven’t in the global competition to attract women at the graduate level, those returning from career breaks as well as those looking to change their careers when everyone else is saying it’s too late. At BAE Systems Digital Intelligence we are working to find differentiators that will make our business attractive at the recruitment phase but even more attractive as you develop and grow your career with us. This should be true no matter where you work. Join Anna and I for a short exploration of what this means to us as women, professionals and leaders of businesses joining together to partner and evolve what next generation recruit, develop and retain means.

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Theresa Palmer

BAE Systems

Anna Brailsford




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17-18 September 2024

RDS Dublin


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