17-18 September 2024

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Roundtables enable you to meet with peers in an exclusive business environment. An open forum to discuss issues within the industry and how to tackle them.

Roundtables are a crucial part of Women in Business & Tech Expo, providing you place to share opinions and thoughts in an open discussion, and listen to other points of view. It is also a fantastic opportunity to make connections and network.

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Leadership Lounge With Allbright - Why Investing In Your Skills And Network Is Critical To Leadership Success

AllBright Roundtable
12th October 2022   |   11:00 - 12:00

Synopsis: Women are still facing disproportionate barriers when it comes to leadership, and AllBright are on a mission to change that. Whether you want to progress into a senior role, or scale your business as a female founder, AllBright’s Leadership Lounge session will be jam-packed with tips, advice, inspiration and networking, to help you take your success to the next level. Featuring AllBright’s CEO Viv Paxinos, and Head of Academy and Learning Programmes, Ella Vize.

Target Audience: This session will be inspiring and thought-provoking for women who are in senior management or leadership positions (or hoping to be), women who are in technical roles but want to develop their non-technical skills, female founders looking to grow and scale their businesses.

Qualifications: Any level of experience, but ideally women who want to progress their careers or solidify their approach as a business leader or founder


Viv Paxinos - CEO, AllBright.

Ella Vize - Head of Academy and Learning Programmes, AllBright.

Nicola Rae Wickham - Leadership and Founder Coach, AllBright.

Capital One

How Do We Retain Women In Tech?

Capital One Roundtable
12th October 2022   |   12:15 - 13:15

Synopsis: Retain, is one of the 3 pillars of our Women in Tech strategy, along with Rise and Represent. How we continue to support Women in seeing a long term career path within Tech is key to helping to improve gender balance for the future. The discussion we would love to facilitate is how we can continue to support and understand the factors in why this is an ongoing issue in our industry and what we can do together to make a difference to make Tech a lifetime career choice for Women.

Target Audience: Women in Tech

Qualifications: Open to all. Anyone welcome, whether in Tech now, have been or are looking to be.


Rachel Hover - Tech Risk Director, UK & Cyber, Enterprise Services Risk, Capital One.

Rachel O'Shea - Director of Technology, Capital One.

Goldman Sachs

Unblocking Blockchain – By Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Roundtable
12th October 2022   |   13:30 - 14:30

Synopsis: Join Goldman Sachs for an interactive session on how digital asset technology is transforming traditional capital markets activities .

In 2022, ‘digital assets’, ‘blockchain’ and ‘decentralization’ continue to dominate our tech vocabulary. Learn how engineers at Goldman Sachs are using distributed ledger technology to unlock speed and transparency and stay at the forefront of innovation.

At Goldman Sachs, our engineers don’t just make things – we make things possible.

Qualifications: 2 years + experience in a ‘technical role’.


Clare Ashley - Managing Director, Core Engineering, Goldman Sachs.

Margarita Barzakova - Vice President, Core Engineering, Goldman Sachs.

Thales UK

Most Valuable Career Lessons We Have Learnt As Thales Women In Tech

Thales UK Roundtable
13th October 2022   |   12:15 - 13:15

Synopsis: Join Thales in the UK for an open discussion, where a panel of Thales experts will be sharing their valuable career lessons since joining the STEM industry.

The panel will be sharing their personal stories and lessons learnt to empower other women to shape a career in the business and technology sector.

We will open up the session to encourage other women to share their stories or ask our panel questions.

Target Audience: Anyone who wants to gain and insight into our business.

Qualifications: Anyone from an Engineering, Technical or professional background. Thales are open to anyone who wants to listen to our stories and experiences.


Alice Hardy - Talent Acquisition Partner, Thales UK.

Dr Rachel Craddock - Thales Expert.

Dilfi Franco - IVVQ Manager, Thales UK.

Ify Okolie - Project Safety & Environmental Manager, Thales UK.

Lilly Rickenbach - IVVQ Manager, Thales UK.

Goldman Sachs

When Data And Cloud Unite – By Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Roundtable
13th October 2022   |   13:30 - 14:30

Synopsis: Join Goldman Sachs for an interactive session on how adoption of the public cloud allows us to better serve our clients. Data engineers share how their poly-cloud migration strategy is enabling rapid business growth, and delivering a more efficient, scalable and resilient operation.

For financial services, deriving insights from data is key to generating revenue, but doing so is increasingly complex and time-consuming. Learn how Goldman Sachs’ Financial Cloud for Data allows users to discover, analyse and compliantly share curated data in minutes and maximise value potential.

At Goldman Sachs, our engineers don’t just make things – we make things possible.

Qualifications: 2 years + experience in a ‘technical role’.


Emily Menzies - Vice President, Data Licensing, Goldman Sachs.

Rashmi Mishra - Vice President, Market Data Engineering, Goldman Sachs.

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